EU VAT MOSS report

If your business is registered in the EU VAT MOSS scheme, you'll see the EU VAT MOSS report in your account.
This report will only appear if you've added European Union - VAT MOSS on the jurisdictions page.
This report shows the local VAT collected from sales of digital products, ebooks, and SaaS in each EU country. You'll see the taxable base and tax amount for each VAT rate.
From this view, click the name of the country to view the complete list of transactions with a specific tax rate.
When it comes time to file your VAT MOSS return, you'll have all the data in a filing-friendly format. We recommend exporting the EU VAT MOSS report in CSV format and sending it to your accountant. Just go to ... and select Export as CSV.
The EU VAT MOSS report displays all VAT collected via the VAT MOSS scheme.
The EU VAT MOSS report displays all VAT collected via the VAT MOSS scheme.


My accounting currency is not EUR. How can I see the amounts in my own currency?
While many EU countries permit VAT MOSS filing with EUR amounts, you may want to see the totals in your own accounting currency. If your business is based in Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Sweden, or any non-EU country, you will see the amounts in your own currency in the CSV export.
Why do I see multiple rates for some countries?
If a VAT rate changes, you may have periods with different VAT rates. If you sell ebooks in countries with reduced rates for ebooks, you will see these separately too.