In your Quaderno account you can track all your business expenses in one place. You'll find all expenses on the expenses page.

Managing expenses

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Are my payment processor fees automatically added as an expense?
No, payment processor fees will not automatically appear on the Expenses page. By default, you will see the processor fee for each transaction on the CSV export of your invoices.


Some of the imported expenses are not business expenses. Can I stop Quaderno from importing these?
With our PayPal integration, Quaderno automatically imports your outgoing payments as expenses. Unfortunately there is no way to filter these. However, if you do not confirm these expenses in Quaderno, they will not be included in your Quaderno reports.
We always recommend using separate PayPal accounts for business and personal expenses.
I see a negative pending amount when I view the Expenses page.
Usually this means an overpayment was recorded on the expense. You would just need to review your expenses and the payments recorded to ensure the total payment corresponds with the expense total.
I cannot add a tax rate on an expense.
If a vendor has charged you a tax rate from their own country or state, you would only be able to add that tax rate on the Quaderno expense if you are also registered in that country or state. If you are not registered in the vendor's country or state, you would just need to record the total expense amount. For example, if a Finnish seller charged you Finnish VAT and you're not registered in Finland, then you need to track the tax amount as part of the expense total.