Integration type
Quaderno supports automated invoicing and tax calculation for your direct debit payments via GoCardless.

First steps

How Quaderno works with GoCardlessConnecting your GoCardless account

Customizing your integration

Adding GoCardless fees as expensesTesting your GoCardless integration
→ If you have development skills, you may check also Collecting data from GoCardless


Can I use GoCardless with Quaderno Checkout links?
We do not support GoCardless in Quaderno Checkout links at the moment. Our checkout links only work with card payments via Stripe or PayPal payments at the moment. You can use GoCardless to receive payments for individual invoices: How Quaderno works with GoCardless.
I’ve received a payment through GoCardless, when will it show up in my Quaderno account?
Invoices are created when the customer is charged and the payment has been confirmed. Sometimes GoCardless can take a few days to charge the customer's bank account.
How can I cancel a payment?
If you need to cancel a payment, you can do so directly in your GoCardless dashboard if the payment is still pending.
How can I cancel a customer's mandate?
If you need to cancel a customer’s mandate, you can do so directly in your GoCardless dashboard.
How can I refund a customer?
Refunds can only be managed by GoCardless in certain circumstances.
Due to the risks of chargebacks and failed refunds, GoCardless does not process all refunds. Therefore you may need to manage some refunds outside of GoCardless:
  • If the refund is processed by GoCardless, the corresponding credit note will automatically be created in Quaderno.


I’ve created some direct debit mandates but only the confirmed ones are showing up in Quaderno. Why is that?
Quaderno generates an invoice when the payment has been confirmed. When you create a direct debit mandate, the invoice will be generated when you receive the payment.