How Quaderno works with GoCardless

There are multiple ways to take advantage of Quaderno’s integration with GoCardless. You have a few options to make GoCardless and Quaderno work seamlessly.
GoCardless allows you to easily manage recurring payments by direct debit. Your customers must first give you permission to collect payments with a Direct Debit Mandate. This can be done with a simple online form. Then you’re all set to start collecting your customer’s payments automatically.
You can collect one-off or subscription payments for your customers with GoCardless.

Option A: Generating automatic invoices with the simple integration

After connecting your GoCardless account to Quaderno, you are ready to start generating invoices for all of your direct debit payments.
Existing mandates: If you already have existing mandates setup in GoCardless, then you don’t have to take further action. Each time you have a confirmed payment from an existing customer, Quaderno will automatically calculate the tax rate and generate the corresponding invoice.
If you already have an existing mandate for a customer, you can create further payments for them (either subscriptions or one-off payments).
New mandates: If you’d like to add your new mandates so your customers can pay via direct debit, add your customers to GoCardless following the steps here.
For selling your products and services on your website, GoCardless conveniently offers paylinks.
Please keep in mind, for our simple integration with GoCardless, Quaderno will consider each payment as tax-inclusive. Each time you receive a payment, Quaderno will calculate the tax rates based on your customer’s location and display the tax breakdown on the invoice. The tax rate information is only displayed on the Quaderno invoices, it is not sent back to GoCardless. If you’d like to add tax on top of your prices in GoCardless, please see Option C below.

Option B: Sending manual invoices from Quaderno

In Quaderno, you can create and send an invoice to your customers, giving them the option to pay via GoCardless.
On the invoices page, select the option Create a new invoice. You can create a new invoice for your customer in AUD, CAD, DKK, EUR, GBP, NZD, SEK or USD.
Your customer will see a Pay now button on the invoice so they can pay with their bank account via GoCardless:
Quaderno will generate the mandate for your customer the first time they pay an invoice via GoCardless on Quaderno. If your customers would like to pay future Quaderno invoices via GoCardless, Quaderno will use the same mandate.
Mandate failures: If the mandate cannot be set up, you and your customer will receive a notification from GoCardless

Option C: Adding taxes to your GoCardless payments

If you’d like to add tax on top of your prices based on your customer’s location, you can use our Tax API with GoCardless.
Here’s an example workflow:
  1. Use Quaderno’s Tax API to calculate the tax rate based on your customer’s location
  1. Create a GoCardess payment or subscription with the previous tax rate included.
You’ll find all the information on how to get started with the GoCardless API here.

No matter how you choose to integrate GoCardless with Quaderno, there are a few important points to keep in mind:
Payment timings
Keep in mind, direct debit payments differ from card payments in that they are not instant payments. The standard timeframe to set up the initial mandate is 3 working days. GoCardless provides a guide for direct debit timings with more information on this.
Retrying payments
Failed payments are not automatically retried in GoCardless. You’ll need to retry the payment manually as described here. Quaderno will only generate invoices for successful payments.
Cancelling payments
If you need to cancel a payment, you can do so directly in your GoCardless dashboard if the payment has the pending submission status.
Cancelling a customer’s mandate
If you need to cancel a customer’s mandate, you can do so directly in your GoCardless dashboard.
Refunding a customer
Refunds can only be managed by GoCardless in certain circumstances.
Due to the risks of chargebacks and failed refunds, GoCardless does not process all refunds. Therefore you may need to manage some refunds outside of GoCardless:
  • If the refund is processed by GoCardless, the corresponding credit note will automatically be created in Quaderno.
Handling chargebacks
In the case of a chargeback, a credit note will automatically be created in Quaderno.