Integration type
Via Stripe
Via Paypal
Quaderno supports automated billing and sales tax compliance for Kartra. Any time a customer buys one of your products, Quaderno will automatically generate an invoice with the correct tax rate based on their location and update your tax reports.

How it works

The only thing you have to do is connect the same Stripe or PayPal account to Kartra and to Quaderno. That’s all.
Each time you process a payment, Kartra will send the details of the sale to Stripe or Paypal. Quaderno is automatically notified, and we’ll send out the final invoice and update your tax summaries.
Keep in mind that the integration described here is for tax-inclusive pricing only. This means that the listed prices of all of your products should already include taxes. When the final invoice is sent, Quaderno breaks down the price and taxes based on the customer's location. If you want Quaderno to calculate taxes directly in the checkout for you, take a look at CheckoutJoy or Quaderno Checkout.

Setting up your Kartra account

  1. Connect Kartra to your Stripe or PayPal account following these instructions for Stripe or these for PayPal.
  1. Then just connect Stripe or Paypal to Quaderno, as explained here:
That's it! 🚀 Now enjoy your new billing and reporting capabilities!

Setting up alternative checkouts

Using CheckoutJoy on KartraUsing Quaderno Checkout on Kartra


Can I collect VAT numbers and other Tax IDs in the Kartra checkout?
Kartra's checkout form allows the option to collect the Sales Tax ID directly. You would need to create a custom form field to gather the sales tax ID. Please contact their customer support for more information. We'd recommend using CheckoutJoy on Kartra if you'd like to collect and validate VAT numbers and other Tax IDs directly in the checkout.
Can Quaderno calculate tax in my Karta checkout?
While Quaderno doesn't integrate directly with the Kartra checkout, if you use CheckoutJoy on Kartra you will be able to use a customizable checkout page solution that would replace your built-in Kartra checkout.
I have products that belong to different tax classes. Can Quaderno distinguish my sales to apply different tax rates accordingly?
Unfortunately, Kartra does not distinguish different tax classes for products. If you have products with different tax classes, we'd recommend using CheckoutJoy on Kartra or another integration if you'd like to distinguish tax classes between products.