Managing your team

As the account owner, you can create individual team members who can login to your Quaderno dashboard.
After you create a team member, you can set permissions and control what parts of the dashboard each team member can access.
Only admin users can manage teams.
Read Managing multiple accountsManaging multiple accounts in case you have more than one Quaderno account.

Adding a team member

To invite another person to your Quaderno account, just follow these steps:
  1. Go to the users page and click Send an invitation.
  1. Enter their First name and Work email address.
  1. Select their Role and set specific permissions if needed.
  1. Click Send invitation.
When done, give the person a heads-up that they should be receiving your invite very shortly.


We've created pre-defined roles to help you:
  • Administrator – Best for business owners and company administrators. Only administrators can manage users and subscription plans.
  • Developer – Best for developers or people primarily using the Quaderno API.
  • Manager – Best for people who need full access to Quaderno data, but don't need to update business settings.
  • Accountant – Best for accountants and tax advisors who need to download data and reports. They cannot change any data.
  • Guest – Best for people who need to view Quaderno data, but don't need to make any updates.
  • Custom – With this role you can customize which permissions you want to provide. The custom permissions are: Not allowed, Can view and edit and Can view. And you can provide those to: Invoices, Expenses, Estimates, Recurring, Contacts and Reports.

Removing a team member

To remove access to a particular person to your Quaderno account, follow these steps:
  1. Go to the users page.
  1. Click the X icon next to the name of the person you want to remove.

Changing the account owner

By default, the account owner is the user who first created the Quaderno account. If you'd like to change the owner on an account, the current account owner can contact us at with their request.