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Quaderno takes care of all your tax calculations for Podia, letting you know when taxes change, creating reports, and sending tax-compliant invoices for online courses.

How it works

The only thing you have to do is connect the same Stripe or PayPal account to Podia and to Quaderno. That’s all.
Each time you process a payment, Podia will send the details of the sale to Stripe or Paypal. Quaderno is automatically notified, and we’ll send out the final invoice and update your tax reports.
Keep in mind that Podia doesn’t allow you to seamlessly add taxes when a customer views the checkout. This means that the listed prices of all of your products should already include taxes. When the final invoice is sent, Quaderno breaks down the price and taxes based on the customer's location. If you want to add taxes on top of your prices during checkout, check out Using Quaderno Checkout on Podia.

Setting up your Podia account

  1. Connect Podia to your Stripe or PayPal account following these instructions.
  1. Connect Stripe or Paypal to Quaderno, as explained here:
Please note, when you use the Podia checkout, the billing address won't be sent to Quaderno. If you'd like your customer's billing address to appear on the invoice, we recommend using Quaderno checkout

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Using Quaderno Checkout on Podia


When using Podia, are my prices tax-inclusive or tax-exclusive?
You have two options to connect to Podia:
1. Use Quaderno Checkout on Podia - Here you can calculate taxes in the checkout based on your customer's location and add taxes on top of your prices: Quaderno Checkout (Recommended)
2. Connect the same Stripe/PayPal account you use with Podia to Quaderno - In this case, you can continue using Podia's checkout. All of your customers would pay the same amount in your checkout. When you connect your Stripe/PayPal account to Quaderno, each payment received is considered tax-inclusive. Quaderno reads the charge information and displays the complete breakdown on the final invoice or receipt. More on this: How Quaderno works with Stripe.
How can I have invoices sent automatically to a customer for each purchase?
To set it up, head to the preferences page and select Autosend all automatic receipts and credit notes. Then hit Save changes, and you’re good to go. Find out more information on sending invoices to customers.