Preparing your account for a new calendar year

When a calendar year comes to an end, there are a few steps you can take to make sure your Quaderno account is ready for the next year to begin.
  1. Review your invoice number sequence – In your Quaderno account, you can choose whether your invoice number sequence resets at the beginning of each year or not. If you’d like the invoice sequence to reset at the beginning of each year you can activate the option Reset invoice number at the beginning of the year on the preferences page.
  1. Confirm any changes in your business entity type – If you’ll be changing your entity type (self-employed to LLC/Ltd., country of business registration etc), please follow these steps for changing your legal entity.
  1. Review your tax jurisdictions in your Quaderno account – We’d recommend checking the jurisdictions you’ve set up in Quaderno. If you’re registering in any new jurisdictions, you can add them there. If you’re deregistering in any jurisdictions, you can add a “valid until” date on specific jurisdictions.
  1. Check with your accountant to see if you may need to register in new jurisdictions – In the turnover report you can review sales for the past year to see if you may be approaching a registration threshold in another country, US state, or Canadian province.

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