A sales receipt (also known as simplified invoice) is much like how it sounds – a cut-down version of a regular invoice.

The thresholds whereby sales receipts are allowed vary from state to state, but for example the British tax authorities allow for simplified invoices for invoices totalling less than £250 (incl. tax).

The things you can exclude for a sales receipt are:

  • No need for the customer’s name, address or tax ID.
  • No price per item excl. tax
  • No total amount excl. tax
  • No quantity of each type of item
  • No rate of discount per item

But notably, you must include:

  • A unique invoice number
  • A date of issue
  • Your business name and address
  • Your tax ID
  • A description of the goods or services
  • Tax rate charged per item
  • Total amount including tax (and notice that it does include tax)

That’s a lot to think about. The good news is that Quaderno can handle sending out sales receipts for you just like regular invoices, so you can let us do that thinking for you while you focus on making more of those sweet sales.

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