Setting up custom taxes

Taxes are calculated automatically within Quaderno, but you can override these tax rates for greater control over the taxes you charge. You can add these on the tax rates page.
You'll see all default tax rates for jurisdictions where you are registered. To override the default tax rate, just click the pencil icon.
Use custom taxes if you need to do any of the following:
  • control how much tax you charge for a particular product.
  • handle tax exceptions and exemptions.
  • specify unique tax rates for shipping destinations.
  • specify unique tax rates for tax-exempt customers.
For example, you can specify provincial tax exemptions in Canada, or VAT exemptions in the European Union or the United Kingdom.
If you do not need to charge sales tax for a particular product or service, then you can create overrides and set the tax rates to 0%. Always check with a local tax authority to make sure that you are charging your customers the correct tax rates.
For United States taxes customization, please contact support.