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Quaderno supports automated billing and sales tax compliance for Teachery. Any time a customer buys one of your products, Quaderno will automatically generate an invoice with the correct tax rate based on their location and update your tax reports.

How it works

The only thing you have to do is connect the same Stripe or PayPal account to Teachery and to Quaderno. That’s all.
Each time you process a payment, Teachery will send the details of the sale to Stripe or Paypal. Quaderno is automatically notified, and we’ll send out the final invoice and update your tax summaries.
Keep in mind that Teachery doesn’t allow you to seamlessly add taxes when a customer views the checkout. This means that the listed prices of all of your products should already include taxes. When the final invoice is sent, Quaderno breaks down the price and taxes based on the customer's location. If you want to add taxes on top of your prices during checkout, check out Using Quaderno Checkout on Teachery.

Setting up your Teachery account

  1. Connect Teachery to your Stripe account following these instructions. For any other payment processors please check this article.
  1. Connect Stripe or Paypal to Quaderno, as explained here:

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