• Quaderno can automatically upload your invoices to Amazon. To enable this feature, just follow these steps: 1. In your Quaderno account, navigate to the Preferences section. 2. Activate the option Autosend all automatic receipts and credit notes. 3. Click save changes.

  • Getting set up with our FBA integration couldn’t be easier. All we need to get the ball rolling is your Merchant ID, Marketplace ID(s) and Auth Token (a.k.a your secret key). Just follow these steps to get started: Note: Quaderno works with Amazon FBA Europe & North America so far. If you work with other […]

  • Using our Amazon integration? In order to comply with Amazon’s data protection policy, Quaderno takes a few additional steps after your invoices are created. All invoices/receipts generated from Amazon are anonymized after 30 days to protect Personally Identifiable Information (PII). The basic information (invoice number, dates, amounts, etc) will stay the same, but the customer’s […]

  • Each year you’ll have to take a few simple steps to make sure Quaderno receives your sales information from Amazon without interruption. The Amazon MWS Authorization token that grants Quaderno access to your sales just have to be renewed. What this means is your link to Quaderno will need to be re-applied each year. You […]

  • For technical reasons, Amazon only permits orders from the last 30 days to be imported automatically. If you’d like to import older past orders, just follow these steps: Open your Amazon Fulfilled Shipments report in your Amazon Seller Central account. Select the option exact dates and select the period you’d like to export. Send us the […]