• Quaderno takes automated billing for PayPal to the next level. Once you process a successful transaction on Paypal, Quaderno will create a beautiful invoice that you can send to your customer. We’ll even send it automatically, if that sounds like your cup of tea! Quaderno invoices always have the correct local tax rate (no matter […]

  • Here we will show you how to customise the information that Paypal sends to Quaderno so that you can invoice correctly and be VAT & GST compliant. In order to be EU VAT compliant with Quaderno and PayPal, it’s necessary to serialise the customer’s VAT number and IP address in thecustom variable of your payment […]

  • In order to use PayPal with Quaderno Checkout, encrypted website payments need to be disabled in PayPal. To check this setting, follow these steps: 1. Login to your PayPal account. Go to Profile and settings and in the Selling preferences column, click update next to Website preferences. Scroll down to the option “block non-encrypted website payment”, select off.

  • When you connect your Stripe and PayPal accounts to Quaderno, each payment received is considered tax-inclusive. Quaderno reads the charge information and deducts the tax from the total payment amount to display the complete breakdown on the final invoice or receipt.  While tax-inclusive pricing is one option, you may also want to add taxes on […]

  • Are you using PayPal to receive payments for your courses, memberships, and other products you sell online on another platform? You can use Quaderno to generate tax compliant receipts and invoices for your sales on any platform where you’ve connected a PayPal account. The only thing you have to do is connect the same PayPal […]