• If you have customers in the EU, it’s important to keep EU VAT legislation in mind, regardless of where your business is located (Why’s this?). Here we’ll review compliance as it applies to digital products. In Settings > Tax rates you’ll see all the EU tax rates you’re applying to your invoices. (Non-EU businesses will […]

  • Go to Reports > Evidence in the left-side menu. In the list of location evidence, find the transaction you would like to edit. You can search by invoice number or customer name. You can also filter by date range and by the evidence status (e.g.- Not enough data, Conflicting data). Once you’ve found the transaction, click […]

  • If your company is located in the United States, your local state will automatically appear in your tax rates. If your company is not located in the United States, no US states will appear in your tax settings. Before collecting sales tax in any US state, you would first need to be registered there. You only […]