Turnover report

The new turnover report simplify the tracking and management of all your tax registration and collection obligations worldwide. It will replace the good old thresholds report.
Quaderno will also notify you via email when you are approaching a threshold in a jurisdiction and when you reached it.
Quaderno will also notify you via email when you are approaching a threshold in a jurisdiction and when you reached it.
The number of transactions reflected in the report includes all final invoices and credit notes for a particular jurisdiction. Remember that all paid and delivered invoices and credit notes are marked as final automatically.
The annual turnover report tracks all sales and refunds in a particular jurisdiction, regardless of tax class. It's up to you to determine your exact tax obligations and whether or not your sales are taxable in a given jurisdiction.
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This report will let you know if you are liable for tax collection in a particular jurisdiction, based on either your sales volume or the number of transactions where applicable.
Once you have registered in a particular jurisdiction, just head to the menu and click Add jurisdiction to start collecting taxes in that jurisdiction. Easy peasy!
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By default, you'll see sales for the current year reflected in the report. Click Date range at the top of the report if you'd like to change the period, by changing the last month of it.
You can also filter by threshold status by clicking + More filters and then Status. Filtering by jurisdiction is also available on that menu.
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Depending on your jurisdictions configuration, you may find that some transactions needs fixing their location:
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I'm a small business and I'm exempt from sales tax or VAT collection. Will Quaderno notify me when I reach a tax registration threshold in my own jurisdiction?
No, Quaderno only notifies you for registration thresholds in other jurisdictions.
Does the turnover report distinguish B2C and B2B sales?
The reverse charged transactions will not appear in the turnover report transactions list.
Are refunded sales taken into account in the turnover report?
Yes. Refunded sales won't be included in the turnover report.


I received a notification that I reached the registration threshold in Switzerland, but I just made one single sale there.
Switzerland is a special case in the world of digital taxes. They have a global tax threshold based on your total amount of sales worldwide, not only in Switzerland. As we are not accountants, we always recommend reviewing your specific situation with your tax advisor.
A business may need to register and collect VAT in Switzerland if their global sales worldwide are over 100000CHF, no matter how much they've actually sold to Swiss customers.
Quaderno notifies you when you make your first sale in Switzerland, then you can determine with your accountant if you actually need to register there.
I received a notification that I reached the registration threshold for a certain jurisdiction, but I've only made one sale there.
Some tax jurisdictions, like the EU or India, require foreign sellers to collect sales tax if they make even one sale in their territory.
I know I've made sales to customers in a US state, but that state isn't appearing on my turnover report.
Quaderno determines your customer's state based on the postal code (zip code) and country code on the receipt. If you do not see the customer's postal code or country on the receipt, Quaderno wouldn't have been able to determine the customer's state. Please review your integration to ensure you are sending this information to Quaderno.
There is no amount showing next to a country under the threshold column.
That would mean that jurisdiction hasn't added any registration requirements for remote sellers so far.
I received a notification that I reached a registration threshold in New York, but I haven’t met all conditions.
Some states may have multiple threshold conditions based on total sales volume and number of transactions. Quaderno notifies you when you meet one of these conditions, regardless of whether the state has nexus thresholds based on a seller meeting both conditions at the same time. As you may have sales outside Quaderno or sales where the customer’s location could not be determined, this allows you to review your sales with your accountant and determine if you may need to register in a given state.