Using Quaderno Checkout on Kartra

We recommend using our friend's CheckoutJoyCheckoutJoy custom checkout experience for Kartra, but of course our own Quaderno CheckoutQuaderno Checkout works great too!
As this process requires multiple integrations, using Checkout on Kartra is only available with the Startup plan or higher.
To get started, just follow these steps:
  1. Create a checkout link in your Quaderno account.
  1. Paste the link on your Kartra site (check their instructions to do that), on your own website, on social media or in any button, image, or text you want.
  1. Grant access to membership on Kartra via Zapier.
If you have multiple offers on Kartra, you would need to create a zap for each product. To ensure your customers are granted access to the correct product, add a filter in the zap. For example, you could use the option “Only continue if – product ID – specify the product ID from Quaderno
Creating a Zap for each offer
Creating a Zap for each offer
That’s all! 🚀 Every time you get a purchase via Quaderno Checkout, the buyer will have access to your Kartra membership.
You can also use Zapier to subscribe customers to your email lists or send them a message if they abandon the checkout process.