What you need to consider when setting up your checkout using Stripe

When you connect your Stripe account to Quaderno, an invoice will be generated for every payment your receive into your Stripe account. Regardless of how the payment was created in Stripe, Quaderno will receive the transaction information, calculate the tax, and generate the invoice.
You can continue using your own checkout to accept payments. You can also use Stripe checkout, our own Quaderno Checkout, a checkout on your sales platform, or any other method that creates successful charges in Stripe. However, there are a few points to keep in mind:
  1. Quaderno generates the invoice with the information Stripe sends us. If you would like your customer's name, address or other details to appear on the invoice, just make sure your checkout or sales platform is collecting this information and sending it in a supported field.
  1. Quaderno calculates tax based on the customer's postal code and country. If you'd like Quaderno to display a tax breakdown on the invoice, make sure to collect this information from your customers.
If your checkout is not collecting this information, invoices will still be generated in your Quaderno account every time you receive a payment. However, they may have incomplete customer details.
Quaderno offers a checkout solution to ensure you are always collecting the necessary billing information from your customers: Quaderno Checkout.