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Quaderno offers an integration with Xero, one of the world’s most popular accounting and bookkeeping tools. You can export all your invoices, expenses, and credit notes from Quaderno to your Xero account, and we’ll provide you with complete VAT, GST, and sales tax compliance.

First steps

Connecting your Xero accountMapping transactions to Xero accountsMapping tax jurisdictions to Xero tax ratesMapping payments to Xero bank accounts
How to automate tax accounting with Xero and Quaderno.


Can I connect the same payment processor to Quaderno and Xero?
You can keep payment processors in Xero only as bank accounts. As Quaderno exports all your invoices to Xero, you would just need to make sure your payment processor isn't exporting sales data to Xero, as this would cause duplicate invoices in Xero for the same transactions.
If you are using our Xero integration, Stripe/PayPal should not be feeding transactions directly to Xero.
How can I export old transactions to Xero?
By default, when you connect Xero, only future transactions are exported. We don't automatically export your past transactions to Xero to avoid any duplicates with past documents in Xero. We wouldn't want to create any issues with your accounting there! However, we can initiate this export manually if you'd like, but it would be at an additional cost based on the transaction volume.
How does Quaderno autoreconcile my accounts in Xero?
Our Xero integration was designed to export invoices for Stripe (or other payment processor) sales and match them with payments you received in Stripe (not payments into your real bank account). This is not related to your actual bank account in this case.
How should I set up my accounts in Xero?
Here are common setups, but as we are not accountants, we'd recommend reviewing these with your accountant or bookkeeper to see what would be best for your business:
1. Create a Stripe "bank account" in Xero and map your Quaderno invoices to this account. You would first need to add bank accounts in Xero (without connecting any direct payment processor feeds). Then you can map your Stripe sales to this account from Quaderno. The Stripe payments would also be exported from Quaderno to this Stripe "bank account" and they can be reconciled automatically (optional).
2. If you continue using your real bank account as the only bank account in Xero, Quaderno can export your sales to this account. Then everything should add up for reconciliation if you add the Stripe fees as an expense. Stripe offers you a VAT invoice for the fees each month that you can find in your Stripe account: Download VAT or GST invoices for Stripe fees. You could then add this as an expense in Quaderno and it would be exported to Xero.
How can I test the Xero integration?
In our sandbox environment, you can connect the Xero Demo Company (or another test company) to Quaderno. The sandbox environment is completely separate from your live Quaderno account. Quaderno will export your future test invoices to the connected Xero account.
When does Quaderno export my invoices to Xero?
Quaderno exports your invoices to Xero in batches. Invoices are exported to Xero at 00:20 CET and 12:20 CET daily.


There are duplicated documents in my Xero account.
As Quaderno exports all your invoices to Xero, you would just need to make sure Stripe/PayPal aren't exporting data to your Xero account, as this would cause duplicate invoices in Xero for the same transactions.
I received a notification that the access token has expired.
In order to export your Quaderno invoices to Xero, we need to use certain keys to authenticate against their services. Those keys are short-lived so they must be refreshed after a certain amount of time. If you receive this notification, we have several retry mechanisms in place. You'll receive a notification if your Xero account becomes disconnected.
I received an email alert saying I must wait before retrying the Xero API.
This just means we hit the Xero rate limit when exporting your expenses. We have a retry mechanism in place that will try to export the expenses again.
Invoices in certain currencies are not fed into Xero.
Please check if you've added those currencies on the currencies page in your Xero account. You would need a Xero plan that allows multicurrency to add foreign currency invoices to Xero.
I cannot see expenses added on Quaderno being imported to Xero.
Please check if your expenses are on the imported expenses page. If so, those expenses would only be exported to Xero if you confirm them.
It seems like incorrect taxes are being pushed to our Xero account.
Please review your tax mapping on the Xero integration page. Quaderno would export the invoice with the same tax rate you see in Quaderno.