Manage your subscription

Your Quaderno subscription is based on the number of transactions you generate in your Quaderno account each month. You’ll find your current subscription details in your account in Settings > Subscription. You can upgrade or change your plan there whenever you’d like.


Quaderno counts all documents created in your account as transactions. This includes invoices, receipts, credit notes, and expenses. Documents created manually or through an integration all count towards your transaction limit.

Your transaction total that you see in Settings > Subscription includes all transactions for the current subscription period. Your subscription period starts on your plan renewal date (not the 1st of each month).

What if I go over the transaction limit of my current plan?

We keep an eye on that for you! As you approach the transaction limit for your plan, we’ll notify you that you’ve reached 90% and 100% of your limit. These alerts give you time to upgrade your Quaderno subscription so that it’ll cover your booming business. (And when this happens — celebrate! Make sure you have a glass of champagne for us! ).

You can upgrade your subscription directly in the section Settings > Subscription > Billing details. If you do exceed your plan limit, each extra transaction costs 25 cents.

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