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Tax in checkout
Quaderno takes care of all your tax calculations for courses, memberships, and digital products on AccessAlly, letting you know when taxes change, creating reports, and sending tax compliant invoices.
We'll even send you an automatic notification when you reach a sales tax registration threshold so you know when to register in another country, US state, or tax jurisdiction.

Connecting AccessAlly to Quaderno

If you use the AccessAlly integration, you don’t need to connect your payment processor accounts (Stripe, PayPal, etc.) to Quaderno because we receive all the necessary data from AccessAlly.
Just follow these steps to get started:
  1. Go to the API keys page in your Quaderno account and copy your API credentials.
  1. Open your WordPress Admin Dashboard in a new tab in your web browser, go to AccessAlly > Settings > Payment settings > Tax and paste your API credentials from Quaderno.
  1. Click Save. Quaderno is now connected to AccessAlly.
  1. In AccessAlly > Sales > Fee Setup, click + New fee to add Quaderno tax calculation as a fee.
Adding tax as a fee in AccessAlly.
Adding tax as a fee in AccessAlly.
Voila! Now Quaderno is covering all your invoicing, your tax calculation around the world, streamlining your refunds, and even preparing easy-to-read accounting reports about your business. So you can sit back, relax… or get back to the work you really care about.
Check out AccessAlly's guide for more details on getting started, such as how to request the customer's VAT number in your checkout form.
Every time a customer completes a paid order form on AccessAlly, they'll see tax calculated in the checkout based on their location and your Quaderno tax settings. Whenever you process a refund in AccessAlly, the corresponding credit note will automatically be generated in Quaderno.


Does Quaderno generate invoices for my free orders made via opt-in forms?
No, if a customer signs up via a free opt-in form, no invoice would be generated in Quaderno. If you are using a paid order form and the total amount is $0, then this would generate an invoice in Quaderno.
If there is an order bump, upsell or bundle, would this create separate invoices in Quaderno?
If the customer selects an order bump or bundle before they've completed the payment form and made the purchase, this would send one transaction to Quaderno. If they go to the thank you page and then select an order bump, that would create another transaction.
Do I need to set up taxes as fees in AccessAlly?
In the Fee Setup section of AccessAlly, you would only need to add one fee and select the option Calculate tax using Quaderno for the Fee amount calculation. You do not need to add any tax rates as fees. If you have tax rates as fees, please remove them in the Fee Setup section of AccessAlly.
I have duplicate invoices for all my AccessAlly sales!
Please review your integrations in your Quaderno account. If you have the same Stripe/PayPal account connected to Quaderno and to AccessAlly, this would cause duplicate invoices as Quaderno is receiving two notifications for every transaction. Please disconnect Stripe/PayPal from Quaderno to prevent duplicates.