Customizing the emails sent to your customers

Quaderno automates many different emails for you. You can customize these emails to have a more personal touch or to better reflect your brand.

  1. Go to the translations page. Find the language you’d like to edit and click the pencil icon on the right.
  2. From the list of messages, select the email you’d like to customize. Text boxes will drop down, and you’re free to edit as you see it.
  3. You can continue to edit other messages, too. When you’re done, hit Save changes and all edits will be saved.

You can use markdown and variables from quaderno-templates if you’d like specific details to be automatically included (except on the Subject of the email).

For instance, you could use this template for using a more personal email when sending invoices, using their last name followed by first name on B2C invoices, or the contact person of the company on B2B sales:

{% if contact.kind == 'company' %}
 {% if contact.contact_name %}
 {{ contact.contact_name }}
 {% else %}
 {% endif %}
{% else %}
 {{ contact.last_name }} {{ contact.first_name }}
{% endif %},

Emails are sent either automatically, manually or in bulk. You can read more about it here.

Each time you manually send an invoice or credit note, your configured template will appear to send the email, so you can make changes to that concrete one. The same applies to thank you messages when you manually add a payment on an invoice.

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