Sending invoices to customers

In your Quaderno account you can send invoices to your customers any time you'd like. In this guide, we'll review a few different options for sending invoices to your customers.

  • Sending invoices automatically: Head to the preferences page and select Autosend all automatic receipts and credit notes . Then hit Save changes , and you’re good to go. *
  • Sending invoices manually: You can send or resend any invoice manually from the invoices page. Just open the invoice and click Send .
  • Sending invoices in bulk: You can send several invoices at once on the invoices page. Select the invoices you'd like to send, and click Send at the bottom of the page.

All emails are automatically sent from If your customer replies to an invoice email, the reply will go to the email address you've set up on the business data page.

Once you've sent an invoice to the customer, it will appear with an envelope symbol on the invoices page. When you open the invoice, you'll also see the details in the History section.

Note that Quaderno will deliver emails within a few minutes of queuing them – we batch them up and send them out in regular intervals. Your customers will receive their invoices a couple of minutes after you send them, or after they are automatically sent by the system.

Sending PDF invoices

Whenever you send an invoice or credit note to a customer, it’s possible to attach the document as a PDF. Then your customers can easily download the file and keep it in their records.

  1. Go to the preferences page.
  2. Check the box for Attach invoices as PDF in your emails .
  3. Hit Save changes  and you’re done!

Sending to more than one email address

In the contact's file on the contacts page, you would just need to add multiple email addresses (up to 3) separated by commas.

For Stripe contacts, just follow these steps:

  1. On the contacts page, create a new contact using the same name as the original contact.
  2. Add all email addresses separated by commas.
  3. Merge the new contact with the old contact.

Sending translated invoices

By default, we provide translations for English, German, French, Italian and Spanish. You can add your own on the translations page.

For sending all invoices in the same language, go to just go to the translations page and delete all the languages except the one you need.

Common questions

Can I send invoice emails from my own email address?

Quaderno lets you send emails to your customers directly from your Quaderno account. However, it cannot send receipts from your own email address because we are not able to pretend that we are your email server.

Trying to do so would result in your invoice emails (the ones we’re sending for you) getting trapped by spam filters and dying long, slow deaths in email purgatory. We don’t want to do that to our precious emails!

But there’s an alternative! Just can use this zap template on Zapier to send your invoices. (Note: The Zapier integration is available with the Startup plan and higher.)

That’s it. With just a few clicks, you’ll be able to send your Quaderno receipts from your own email address.

Can I add additional links in invoice emails?

You can add additional links directly in the invoice email body.To do this, you can simply go to the Translations page of your account and add additional links in the invoice message. Just take into account that those links will be available to all your customers.

Can I see what the emails sent to clients look like?

You'll find the email subject and body on the Translations page. When you click send on an invoice, you'll also see the email that appears so you can review it before sending manually.

Why hasn't my customer received their invoice via email?

If someone hasn’t received an email, they should first check their spam folder just in case it’s gotten lost in there.

If an email cannot be delivered, you’ll receive a notification. Usually this is because it bounced or got dropped:

  • Bounced: There were problems (temporary or not) trying to reach the recipient’s server. In most cases some retry attempts will be made.
  • Dropped: The email address has been previously hard bounced (bounced multiple times after several retries or the server has been checked as non-reachable), marked previous emails as spam or has explicitly unsubscribed from the emails.

Note that API users need to send the document themselves either using the response fields pdf or permalink, or calling the deliver endpoint. Check the Developer's Hub for more info.

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