Customizing your domain

When you customize Quaderno to your brand, you can personalize the document URLs your customers see.

In the Domains page, you will see two options: Subdomain and Custom domain.


You can freely choose your Quaderno URL subdomain. This is your personal address to access your Quaderno account, it will appear in the URLs for all documents you send to your customers. For example:

When using an integration that requires your API URL, such as the WooCommerce or EDD plugins, you will need to update your integration to use your new API URL. Your old API URL will no longer work.

Custom domain

This feature is only available with the Business plan or higher.

If you prefer to use a custom domain, you can also do so. It will replace the Quaderno links in the body of invoice emails with your own domain, for example:

Due to technical and security reasons, that custom domain will always redirect to your subdomain. This means you will not be able to use this custom domain to log into your Quaderno account, you should use your subdomain for that.

Common questions

Can I use my custom domain on Quaderno Checkout links?

Unfortunately custom domains do not work on Quaderno Checkout links.

Why do the custom domain links redirect to

Due to the GDPR, we cannot serve a document with personal data over a non-HTTPS connection. We must serve these encrypted with the Quaderno SSL certificate, which is only valid for the domain. That's why the custom domain link will redirect to our domain

What's the pricing for custom domains?

This feature is included with our Business plan or higher. Check our Plans & Pricing page to learn more.

If I change my subdomain, will this affect my account?

If you update your subdomain, the links to invoices already sent will stop working.

If you use EDD, you will have to reconfigure the Quaderno plugin configuration data in EDD.

If you use Woocommerce, changing the subdomain would break the integration until reconfiguration.

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