How Quaderno works with other platforms

There are two types of Quaderno integrations: native and via payment processor. With the latter, you may need to configure the collection of extra fields to get all the data your business needs to be tax compliant.

Regardless of the integration type, Quaderno has your back, always making beautiful, compliant tax receipts for your customers without you having to lift a finger.

Native integrations

Native integrations are those platforms which connect directly to Quaderno. This means there are no intermediaries on the flow of information and we made sure everything works our of the box.

Usually these type of integrations just need to either have your digital one-click authorization to access their data, or to configure with the use of API keys. Please refer to our Support Center documentation to configure your integration.

Native integration

We support a lot of different platforms natively!

Integrations via payment processors

These platforms connect to Quaderno via a payment processor as an intermediary, like Stripe or PayPal. This means Quaderno receives the information from the payment processor.

Paymen processor integration

Some example of platforms our clients configure via PayPal or Stripe are: Clickfunnels, MemberMouse, Teachery, Kajabi, Kartra, Podia, Teachable, Thinkific or Squarespace.

Please always check your integration docs first. We have guides on our Support Center to configure some of these integrations, enabling the collecting of fields needed for tax calculations and for tax compliant invoices and refunds. However, we cannot offer support when a third platform do not send all needed fields to your payment processor.

Please contact your platform’s support team for fixing any issue related to missing information!

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