Issuing receipts or simplified invoices

By default, Quaderno will generate invoices (tax-compliant receipts) for all your sales. If your business is in the EU, you can also create simplified invoices in Quaderno. This is completely optional, and we always recommend checking with your accountant before enabling the receipt option.

A receipt (also known as simplified invoice) is much like how it sounds – a cut-down version of a regular invoice. Receipts are useful if you don't want to request full billing details from a customer in your checkout.

The thresholds whereby sales receipts are allowed vary from country to country:

Country Threshold
Austria 400 EUR
France 150 EUR
Germany 150 EUR
Ireland 100 EUR
Italy 100 EUR
Poland 450 PLN
Spain 400 EUR
Sweden 4,000 SEK

Enabling receipts

If you'd like to send receipts, just follow these steps:

  1. On the preferences page, add a threshold in the field Receipts threshold.
  2. Click Save changes.

Quaderno will start generating receipts for all applicable sales below the receipt threshold you've added. The receipts will have a separate number sequence from your invoices, but you will see all receipts and invoices on the invoices page.

If a customer provides a tax ID, Quaderno will always generate a full invoice, even if the sale is below your set receipt threshold.

Common questions

  • Will receipts have a separate number sequence?

    Yes, your receipts will have their own number sequence.

  • Can I convert a receipt into an invoice?

    There is no longer the option to convert a receipt into an invoice. In that case, the recommended procedure would be to convert the receipt into a credit note and then create the correct invoice with all the details. If you only want to add the full address, you can simply modify the receipt (the law says that a receipt does not have to have all the customer data, but it does not prohibit it).

  • Can I issue a receipt when the customer is based in a different country?

    No, Quaderno only issues receipts when sellers and customers are based in the same country. Simplified invoices were designed for traditional offline businesses (think of it as the receipt you get in a store or a restaurant). If the customer is in a country other than your own, tax authorities will request more data about your sales to justify that you've applied the right tax rate in the checkout.

    If the customer’s billing country is the same as the seller’s country, but the location evidence indicates a different tax country, Quaderno would not generate a receipt. For example, if you are based in Spain and a customer introduces their billing country as Spain but their bank and IP country indicate Mexico, Quaderno would not generate a receipt. An invoice would be issued in this case as the tax country doesn’t match the seller’s country.

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