Updating your business address

If your business address changes, you can update it in Quaderno to ensure your future invoices have the correct information. You can manage these details on the addresses page.

By default, you'll see the country and address you set when you first created your Quaderno account.

The addresses page should be used when your business address changes within the same country. If your new address is in a different country, please follow the steps here.

When your business address changes, just follow these steps:

  1. On the addresses page, click the pencil icon on your old address and add the valid until date and save the changes.
  2. Click Create address and complete the fields to add your new address. The valid from date should be the date from which you'd like your new address to appear on your invoices.
  3. Click Create address to save the changes.

Your new address will appear on invoices issued on the valid from date forward. Your old address will appear on past invoices.

Common questions

Why is my old address still appearing on new invoices?

Please check the valid until date on your old address. The old address must have a valid until date in order for the new address to be used.

I am based in the US and have recently moved states. Can I still use the same Quaderno account?

Yes, you would just need to update your business address following the steps above.

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