Mapping tax jurisdictions to Xero tax rates

Once you have connected your Xero account to Quaderno, you can map your Quaderno tax jurisdictions to Xero tax rates.

On the integrations page, select Xero, and you can set up your tax rate mapping:

  • Default tax account – Quaderno will export all tax rates and amounts to the selected default tax rate account unless you've specified tax rate mapping by jurisdiction. You can modify your default tax rates in Xero following these instructions.
  • EC sales account – If your company is in the EU, you can select an account for your EC sales. You have more information on how this works in Xero here.
  • Sales with no tax – Based on your Xero configuration, you may want to map sales with no tax rate to a specific tax account in Xero (No VAT, Exempt, Zero-rated etc).
  • Jurisdiction tax account – If you'd like to map specific tax jurisdictions to Xero tax rates, select the jurisdiction, tax class, and corresponding tax rate in Xero. If you are registered in multiple jurisdictions, you can add each jurisdiction separately. When you register in a new jurisdiction, be sure to add it here so the tax rates are mapped accordingly.

Example of mapping your jurisdictions to xero

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