Using Amazon's VAT Calculation Service with Quaderno

If you enroll in Amazon's VAT Calculation Service, Amazon will automatically calculate VAT on Amazon FBA sales in the European Union. This service is compatible with Quaderno.

When you connect your Amazon account to Quaderno, you'll be prompted to select if you are registered in Amazon's VAT Calculation service.

If you would like your customer's VAT number to appear on their Quaderno invoices, you need to enable Amazon's VAT Calculation Service.

Connecting Quaderno and Amazon's VAT Calculation Service

  1. Check in Seller Central to make sure you have activated the VAT Calculation Service.
  2. When connecting your Amazon account to Quaderno, you'll see the prompt: Are you using Amazon VAT Calculation Service (VCS)?

    Select one of the options:

    1. Yes, but I need to upload my invoices to Amazon - Select this option if you'd like Quaderno to upload your invoices to Amazon for you. If you select this option, please follow these steps so that your invoices are automatically uploaded to Amazon.
    2. Yes, and Amazon generates my invoices automatically - Select this option if you use the VAT calculation service and send the Amazon invoices to your customers. With this setup, Quaderno invoices will not be sent to your customers.

If you've successfully connected your Amazon account with one of the VCS options, you will see VCS indicated here, next to your seller ID.

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