Connecting Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)

Quaderno supports Amazon FBA North America and Amazon FBA Europe.

Follow these steps to connect your Amazon accounts to Quaderno:

  1. In your Quaderno account, head to the integrations page and select Amazon FBA, either Europe or North America. You’ll be redirect to an Amazon authorization page, and could be prompted for your Amazon credentials by them.
  2. Accept the checkbox to provide Quaderno access to your Selling Partner account, and click Log in to Quaderno now.
  3. Select which Marketplaces IDs you want to sync with Quaderno, and whether you use Amazon VAT Calculation Service (VCS) or not. This is needed to collect VAT number on EU B2B sales. You have more guidance on VCS here. In case you're not sure if your Amazon account has VCS enabled, please ask Amazon support first.

    Note that Marketplace IDs from Egypt, Turkey, India and Saudi Arabia are not currently supported.

That’s it! 🚀 At the end of each day we’ll automatically import all of the orders that have been sent to your customers by Amazon, and the invoices will be created automatically.

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