Creating coupons for Quaderno Checkout

With Quaderno Checkout, you can offer discount coupons to your customers to thank them for their loyalty or as part of a promotional campaign.

Creating a coupon just takes a minute:

  1. Go to the coupons page and select Create coupon.
  2. Enter the Code that you'll share with your customers, along with additional (see below).
  3. Click Create coupon.

Coupon details

  • Code – The customer-facing code. Regardless of case, this code must be unique across all active promotion codes for each customer (i.e SUMMER50, BLACKFRIDAY).
  • Name – Name of the coupon displayed to customers on invoices.
  • Type – You can choose whether the discount is a percentage or fixed amount.
  • Percentage off  – Percent that will be taken off the subtotal of any invoices for this customer for the duration of the coupon. For example, a coupon with a percentage off of 50 will make a €100 invoice €50 instead.
  • Discount amount  – Amount that will be taken off the subtotal of any invoices for this customer.
  • Redeem by  – Date after which the coupon can no longer be redeemed.
  • Maximum number of redemptions – Maximum number of times this coupon can be redeemed, in total, across all customers, before it is no longer valid.

If a Quaderno coupon is linked to a Stripe coupon, you cannot edit it in Quaderno. You need to edit it on Stripe.

Common questions

Can I create a coupon for 100% off?

Unfortunately it's not possible to create a coupon for 100% off, as the checkout would not create an actual charge in Stripe/PayPal. If there's no successful charge in Stripe/PayPal, no invoice would be generated.

Will deleting a coupon from my Quaderno account affect the discount applied to existing subscriptions?

No, if you delete the coupon, the coupon can no longer be used in the checkout. However, if the coupon had already been applied on subscriptions, these subscriptions will not be affected. The discount would continue to apply on those subscriptions.

I have an ongoing subscription with a discount coupon applied. How can I remove the discount for the next payments?

For Stripe, the coupons are managed by Stripe. You will need to delete the coupon in both Stripe and Quaderno to cancel the discount on the current subscriptions. You can always double check in Stripe at Customers > Subscription.

For Paypal, unfortunately, the platform doesn't offer the same flexibility: the price is fixed when the payment was created. You would need to cancel the current subscriptions and recreate others without the coupon.

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