Creating Quaderno Checkout Links

A Checkout Link is a permanent URL with your own online buying form for one-time purchases or subscriptions.

To create a checkout link, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the checkout links page and select the option Create link.
  2. Select the Product you want to sell with this link, along with additional details (see below).
  3. Click Create link. You’ll see a link that you can copy & paste onto any webpage, email, or social media site where you sell your products.

Every time a checkout link is opened, Quaderno generates a unique checkout session. That session is permanent and shows the data (price, description, etc) the product had when the link was clicked.

If you change any product's detail, you must resend the checkout link so that your customers see the updated data. Updating the checkout session won't work.

Checkout link details

The details you provide for a checkout link affect the way the related checkout form appears to your customers.

  • Product – The product you want to sell with your checkout link. If you don’t see the desired product listed, you can add it.
  • Payment methods – The payment methods you would like to accept to receive payments from your customers.
  • Success URL – The URL of the page your customers should be redirected to when they purchase your product.
  • Cancel URL – The URL of the page your customers should be redirected to when they abandon the checkout.
  • Collect billing details – Select whether you’d like to always collect full billing details from your customers during checkout (recommended if your customers are businesses) or only if needed.
  • Collect coupons – Select yes if you’d like your customers to be able to apply coupons in the checkout. You would need to create coupons to use this option.
  • Updatable quantity – Select yes if you’d like your customers to be able to modify the quantity in the checkout.
  • Language – Select a language for your checkout. If no language is selected, it will automatically use the language of your customer’s browser.
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