Connecting Mighty Networks

With Mighty Networks you can create communities, sell memberships, and grow your course sales. Connecting Mighty Networks to Quaderno will provide tax calculations for all your sales, letting you know when taxes change or when you reach a tax registration threshold in any country, creating useful reports, and sending tax compliant invoices.

With the Mighty Networks integration, you can:

  • Add tax directly in the checkout based on your customer's location
  • Sell your products with tax-inclusive or tax-exclusive pricing
  • Validate customer tax IDs
  • Collect member billing addresses directly in the Mighty checkout (see this Mighty Networks detailed guide for more info on this)

Follow these steps to connect Quaderno and Mighty Networks:

  1. In your Mighty Networks account, go to Network Settings > Payments > Taxes. Click Connect Quaderno.

    You’ll be offered to create an account or log in, depending on whether you already have a Quaderno account or not. In both cases, remember that you must have configured your tax jurisdictions for correct tax calculations.

  2. When asked about which platform you use to sell your products or services, select None of them. That way it'll connect to Mighty.

  3. After you connect Mighty Networks to Quaderno, connect your Stripe account to Quaderno. This way Quaderno will generate an invoice every time you receive a payment.

  4. When you're ready to start collecting tax in your Mighty checkout, just go to Network Settings > Payments > Taxes and toggle Tax Collection on.

That's it. Quaderno will start calculating tax directly in your Mighty Networks' checkout, and a tax-compliant invoice will be generated for every sale.

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