Which tax rate do I have to apply?

Tax rates are based on your registered tax jurisdictions, the type of product or service you're selling, and your customer’s location. Thanks to Quaderno’s product settings and tax database, the app will apply the correct tax rate for you automatically. 

Here are the general rules for tax calculation depending on the type of product sold:

  • For sales of physical goods, Quaderno calculates tax based on where a product is shipped from and where it is shipped to.
  • For sales of services, it depends on the type of service:
    • For e-Services, e-Books, and SaaS sales, Quaderno applies tax rates based on your customer's location. 
    • For consulting services, Quaderno applies the local tax rate when the customer is located in one of your registered jurisdictions. 
    • For the rest of the services, Quaderno applies your local tax rate on all sales worldwide.
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