Connect multiple Stripe accounts

With your Quaderno account, you can connect as many Stripe accounts as you’d like.

You can create and manage multiple Stripe accounts directly from your Stripe dashboard. 

Add a new Stripe account

  1. Go to the Integrations page and select Stripe.
  2. Click Add a new Stripe account to get started.
  3. Follow the Stripe prompt to connect your Stripe account. That’s it.

Set your primary Stripe account

If you’ve connected several Stripe accounts to your Quaderno account, we will generate invoices automatically for all of them.

The primary account is used for:

  • Checkout links.  Quaderno will create these charges in your primary Stripe account.
  • “Pay now” buttons. When you send a manual invoice from your Quaderno account, your customer will have the option to “pay now”. This payment will be generated in your primary Stripe account.

Note: “Pay now” buttons are only available with the Startup plan or higher.

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