Adding your public business data

Your public business data includes your company name, address, and tax ID that will appear on all of your invoices and credit notes that you send to your customers.
You can add your business data on the business data page.
Please note, any changes to this information on your business data page will affect all invoices in your account. If your business has a new name or entity status, please follow the steps outlined here for changing your legal entity.
Complete the fields based on the information you'd like to be displayed on your invoices:
  • Business name: The legal name of your business entity.
  • Trade name: Your trade name. The trade name will appear in Quaderno Billing, but by default, it will not appear on your invoices. If you'd like to add it to your invoices, you can customize your template.
  • Main phone: Your contact telephone number. By default, Quaderno does not display your phone number on your invoices, but you can add it to your invoice template.
  • Email: Your business email. This email address will appear on your invoices. This is also the "reply to" email when your invoices are sent to customers.
  • Website address: Your website. This will appear on your invoices.
  • Time zone: The time zone you'd like to use.

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