Creating a Checkout form

Checkout is an embeddable payment form that you can use to sell your digital products and subscriptions on WordPress, Kajabi, your own website, or wherever you've already built an audience online.  

Checkout overview

If you  embed a Checkout form on your site, it displays a button to purchase a single product or subscription. When customers click the button, they are shown a checkout dialog to enter their billing data. 

Quaderno Checkout calculates taxes on-the-fly (if needed), takes the payment with your payment processor, and sends an automatic receipt to your customer.

Create a Checkout form

To create your Checkout form:

1. From your Quaderno account, go to Settings > Checkout.

2. Fill in the form to customize your Checkout form:

  • Payment processor: the payment processor you want to use.
  • Transaction type: the type of transaction: one-off charge or subscription.
  • Product: the product you're selling (only for one-off charges).
  • Plan: the ID of the plan you want your customer to subscribe (only for subscriptions). This plan must be created on your payment processor. 
  • Tax type: specify if the taxes are included or excluded in the total amount.
  • Success URL: the address where you want to redirect your customers after payment.
  • Language: the language of the checkout dialog.
  • Button text: the text of the checkout button.
  • Color: the main color of the checkout dialog.
  • Show billing address inputs: the customer have to enter their billing address.
  • Show coupon input: the customer can enter a coupon code (only for Stripe subscriptions) 

3. When you're done, click Generate code.

4. Then copy the embed code or click Copy to clipboard:

5. Open the source HTML of the webpage where you want to display the Checkout form.
6. Paste the embed code within the HTML where you want the form to appear, then save your changes.