Managing products with different tax rates

When selling different product types on the same platform, such as physical and digital items, or ebooks and online courses, you might need to apply different tax rates. 

The sales platform you use may not send your product's tax class to Quaderno, so it’s necessary to do a little manual setup.

Each separate product needs:

  1. To be created in Quaderno and in your sales platform.
  2. To have the right SKU number in both places.
  3. To have the correct tax code in Quaderno.

Then the two systems will sync and the correct tax rates will be applied to all of sales of a specific product!

If your sales platform is not able to send the SKU of your products, you can also manage everything within Quaderno, without any other platform, by using Quaderno Checkout to sell your digital products.

For the special case of selling digital products and ebooks as a bundle, you would need to create two separate products - one for the ebook and one for the digital product. This way two line items would display on the invoice.

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