Calculating taxes with Quaderno

Quaderno can help you calculating your sales’ consumption taxes anywhere in the world, based on your customer's location and the tax jurisdictions your business is registered in.

There are different approaches to start calculating taxes:

  • Using any of the sales platforms or payment processors that integrate Quaderno's tax calculations system. Just connect and configure it when needed, like collecting extra fields on its checkout.
  • Using Quaderno Checkout to sell your digital services from any website. Just create your checkout links for your products, and share to sell!
  • Using Quaderno.js to calculate taxes in your own checkout forms. With a little coding knowledge you can add our small library on your front-end easily.
  • Using our Tax API to calculate taxes from your back-end. With our APIs you can take advantage of the full potential and functionality of Quaderno, from your own services.
For Quaderno to calculate tax correctly, you first need to set up the tax jurisdictions where your business is currently registered, having a local tax number. Do not set up a tax jurisdiction in Quaderno if you are not registered there yet. Collecting taxes before you are registered is illegal.

Here's a quick video of How to automate sales tax with Quaderno to show off the possibilities:

Go check our quick start guide or continue reading how to set up your taxes!

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