Credit note

A credit note is like a reverse invoice or a refund; something to cancel out an invoice you have issued in the past. It may be for the full amount of an invoice or it may be for less in the case of a partial refund.

Credit notes have always positive amounts in Quaderno. An invoice is always a negative amount, e.g. charging someone $50 for a fine pair of hand-crafted shoes that means they must pay you $50 (-$50 from their account).

A credit note is therefore always positive, because you are returning money to your customer. In the case of the lovely shoes, this would mean that their account is now +$50, and you are plus one mighty fine pair of artisanal loafers that perhaps you wanted to keep anyway.

Issuing credit notes

You might issue credit notes when:

  • Someone wants a partial or complete refund for their purchase
  • You need to cancel out an invoice you issued by accident and the customer doesn’t really have to pay
  • You over charged someone by mistake and need to reimburse them

To issue a credit note:

  1. On your invoice detail view, click the Issue credit note option under the three dots menu ().
  2. Review the credit note details. If you're creating a partial credit note, be sure to change the amount in this step before clicking the Create button.

Note that Quaderno offers a “Correct” feature that automatically issues a credit note for the full amount of the original invoice and duplicates the invoice into a new one (by law, issued invoices cannot be modified).

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