Sending customer details from Stripe

Quaderno automatically generates your invoices and credit notes with the customer details received from Stripe, which in turn receives the information collected by the platform you are using to manage your sales.

This article reviews supported Stripe fields and fallback reading order. This information is useful for integrators and developers.

For cases where some details are missing from your documents, please contact your third-party platform’s support team to ask them for help fixing these issues.

Basic data Stripe sources, in fallback order
Customer’s name 1. Customer’s name
2. Customer’s shipping name
3. Cardholder name
4. Customer’s description
Customer’s billing address 1. Shipping address
2. Customer’s billing address
3. Card’s billing address
Customer’s tax ID (VAT number) 1. Customer tax ID object.
2. Customer object metadata field: tax_id or business_number
3. Charge object metadata field: tax_id
Customer’s IP address 1. Charge object metadata field: ip_address
2. Customer object metadata field: ip_address

Extra metadata for charges and subscriptions

Quaderno can make sense of the following fields inside Stripe’s charge or subscription metadata field:

Metadata Description
transaction_type Type of transaction: eservice, ebook, saas, standard, reduced, exempt, consulting. The default is the type of transaction you’ve selected in your page.
sku Unique code of the product or service sold. Useful for tracking sales across multiple platforms.
tax_name Name of the tax, e.g Sales Tax, VAT, GST, etc.
tax_rate Value of the tax rate, e.g. 20 for a tax rate of 20%.
ip_address IP address of the customer
po_number Product Order number
notes Any note you want to add to the document
tags Tag invoices when they are created e.g. tag1, tag2, tag3
contact_person Billing contact person (only for businesses)
email Use this field to issue invoices to a different email than the one specified in your Quaderno account as your billing email.
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