Tracking sales for a product across multiple platforms

If you’re selling the same product on multiple platforms, you may want to keep track of your total sales of that product.

To track your sales across multiple platforms:

  1. Add the product in Quaderno.
  2. Use the same SKU on each platform (i.e. Amazon and Shopify) and in Quaderno. Then, make sure your sales platform is sending the SKU to Quaderno or to your payment processor in a supported field.

    Note that for tracking products on PayPal, Quaderno reads the SKU from the following PayPal fields: NUMBER, ISBN, PLU or MODELNUMBER.

    On Stripe, its the sku field inside the metadata hash. Check this article for more details.

  3. Keep track of all sales with the products report in Quaderno.

As not all platforms are capable of sending the product’s tax code on a transaction basis, we also recommend setting each product’s tax code when managing your products in Quaderno.

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