Sending your sales data from Thinkific

Quaderno supports automated billing and tax calculation for Thinkific. Any time a student enrolls in one of your courses, Quaderno will automatically generate a tax-compliant receipt with the correct tax rate based on the student's location.

To send your sales data from Thinkific to Quaderno, follow these steps:

  1. Connect Thinkific to your Stripe or PayPal accounts following these instructions.
  2. Connect the same Stripe or Paypal accounts to Quaderno. For B2B sales we’d recommend connecting Stripe, as Thinkific cannot collect VAT numbers when working with PayPal.
  3. From your Thinkific Admin Dashboard, go to Settings > Orders and accounts > Custom Sign Up Fields. To set up tax calculations with Quaderno, add the following fields:
    1. Create a field called  Country  (for the integration to work, it is important that this exact field name is used). You will also need to choose the field type Country list from the dropdown menu, and set the field as required.
    2. Create a field called Postal code . Indicate that this is a text field and mark it as required.
    3. If you’ve connected Stripe and need to collect your customer’s Tax ID, you can add a field called Tax ID . This will enable automatic reverse-charge on invoices.
    4. If you want the full billing address of your customer to show up on your invoices, you can add the fields Street line 1 and City as well. Take into account that Thinkific supports up to 4 custom fields, in case you need both the full billing address and the Tax ID to show up on your invoices.
  4. Save your changes and that's it!

Now each time you process a payment, Thinkific will send the details of the sale to Stripe or Paypal. Quaderno will be automatically notified within minutes, and we'll send out the final invoice and update your tax reports.


There are a few limitations to keep in mind when using Thinkific with Quaderno:

  • Thinkific doesn’t add taxes when a customer views the checkout. The listed prices of all of your products in Thinkific should include taxes. When the final invoice is sent, Quaderno breaks down the price and taxes based on the customer's location.
  • Thinkific only collects VAT numbers in their checkout form when using Stripe and adding the field Tax ID on Custom Sign Up Fields. This would be needed to automatically apply reverse-charge on invoices, useful for B2B sales. No Tax IDs or VAT numbers are collected when using PayPal. You can still manually add a Tax ID in the related contact in Quaderno.
  • Thinkific does not distinguish different tax codes for products. This would be the case if you’re offering both online and offline courses.

To workaround all these issues, you can use an alternative checkout system like Quaderno Checkout.

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