Importing data into Quaderno

Importing your data into Quaderno is straightforward. Follow these steps to import transactions, contacts, or products:

  1. Access the imports page by clicking Data & Integrations in the sidebar menu, then select Imports.
  2. For importing transactions, click the + Import Transactions button. For importing contacts and products, click first.
  3. Upload or drag and drop your data file. Example files will be offered, which you can also find at the end of this article.
  4. Match your data columns to Quaderno's fields in order to customize the column mapping if needed.
  5. If there are any errors, the system will highlight the columns for you to correct. You can keep track of the import's progress and who initiated it from the imports page.
  6. When completed, you’ll see that your imported invoices are tagged as “Imported”.

When importing transactions, we highly recommend using an alternative sequence number. This will ensure there are no conflicts with the invoice numbers already in your account.

Special note on importing Credit Notes

When importing Credit Notes, ensure they reference an existing invoice using the related_number column, which should match the invoice's document_number. If the referenced invoices have not yet been imported, import the invoices first, then import the Credit Notes in a subsequent import to avoid errors.

Example files

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