Credit notes

In your Quaderno account you can create credit notes to cancel out invoices. Credit notes are generated automatically with our integrations, and you can manually create credit notes in your Quaderno account too.
You'll find all credit notes on the credit notes page.
To comply with international invoicing standards, from July 1 manual modifications to amounts & taxes in automated credit notes will no longer be permitted.

Reviewing credit notes

Exporting credit notesVoiding a credit note


I need to refund my customer. Do I make the refund in Quaderno?
You would just need to make the refund directly in your payment processor or ecommerce platform. Quaderno will automatically generate the corresponding credit note.
If I convert an invoice into a credit note in Quaderno, will this trigger an automatic refund?
No, this would not trigger an automatic refund. If the original invoice was generated automatically with one of our integrations, we always recommend refunding the customer directly in your payment processor or ecommerce platform. This would trigger an automatic credit note in Quaderno.
Can I create a partial credit note?
Yes. After you've converted the invoice into a credit note, you would just have to edit the amounts on the credit note to reflect the partial amount.