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Quaderno supports automated billing and tax calculation for Thinkific. Any time a student enrolls in one of your courses, Quaderno will automatically generate a tax-compliant receipt with the correct tax rate based on the student's location. We can even send that invoice out without you having to lift a finger, if you wish.
The only thing you have to do is connect the same Stripe or Paypal account to Thinkific and to Quaderno. That's all.
Each time you process a payment, Thinkific will send the details of the sale to Stripe or Paypal. Quaderno is automatically notified, and we'll send out the final invoice and update your tax summaries.
Keep in mind that Thinkific doesn’t allow you to seamlessly add taxes when a customer views the checkout. This means that the listed prices of all of your products should already include taxes. When the final invoice is sent, Quaderno breaks down the price and taxes based on the customer's location. If you want to add taxes on top of your prices during checkout, check out: Using CheckoutJoy on Thinkific

Setting up your Thinkific account

  1. Connect Thinkific to your Stripe or PayPal account following these instructions.
  1. Connect Stripe or Paypal to Quaderno, as explained here:
By default, Thinkific does not ask your customers for their full billing address. If you want these details to appear on the final invoice, just follow these steps:
  1. From your Thinkific Admin Dashboard, go to Settings > Orders and accounts > Custom Sign Up Fields.
  1. Create a field called  Country (for the integration to work, it is important that this exact field name is used). You will also need to choose the field type Country list from the dropdown menu, and set the field as required.
  1. Also create a field called Postal code. Indicate that this is a text field and mark it as required.
  1. Save your changes and that's it! Thinkific will ask your customers for the country and postal code, and these details will display on your invoices.

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What will happen to subscriptions that were created before we started using Quaderno?
The next time the subscription renews in Stripe/PayPal, Quaderno reads the charge information and shows the tax breakdown on the final invoice or receipt.
We make payments to affiliates. How can we add these payments to Quaderno?
You could add these as expenses. If you have your Paypal account connected and pay your affiliates via PayPal, you would see these expenses appear automatically as imported expenses. You would just need to "confirm" these expenses if you'd like to see them reflected in your reports.
We sell both online and offline courses. Will Quaderno work for us?
Quaderno can calculate tax for in-person and online courses, but unfortunately, Thinkific doesn't distinguish product types when sending transaction information from their checkout to Stripe/PayPal. If you have products with different tax classes, we'd recommend using CheckoutJoy on Thinkific, or another integration if you'd like to distinguish tax classes between products.
Can Quaderno take care of applying reverse charges to our customers in Thinkific?
Yes, this is possible if you use Quaderno Checkout on Thinkific.
Thinkific's checkout doesn't offer the option to collect VAT numbers. This is one of the benefits of using Quaderno Checkout on Thinkific, but If you use Thinkific's checkout you could apply reverse-charge to your B2B customers' future invoices if you/they add a VAT number to their contact file in Quaderno. You have more information on this here: Applying reverse-charge on invoices. We'd also recommend using CheckoutJoy on Thinkific, if you'd like to collect and validate VAT numbers and other Tax IDs directly in the checkout.
Can I collect VAT numbers or other tax IDs in my Thinkific checkout?
Yes, this is possible. However, Quaderno will only receive this information if you use Stripe as your payment processor. From your Thinkific Admin Dashboard, go to Settings > Orders and accounts > Custom Sign Up Fields. Add a field called Tax ID.


I’m receiving alerts of location evidence that couldn't be confirmed.
Quaderno needs your customer's billing country and postal code to determine the customer's location. Please follow the steps above to add a country and postal code field to your checkout.
I want my customers in Thinkific to be able to pay a one-time payment or installments if they wish (For example, 2000€ or 4x500€).
In this case, you would need to create two products in Quaderno and two checkouts for Thinkific.
1. One-time payment: You can set the price for the one-time payment and create the product in Quaderno. Then you can create the checkout link for the one-time payment option: Create a Checkout link
2. Multiple payments: You can use the "Create plan" option in Quaderno to create for example, a “4 x 500” installment plan in Stripe (if you haven't already). Then you can select the plan ID from the dropdown and limit the number of payments to 4. Then you can create a checkout link for this product.