Connecting PayPal

Quaderno takes care of all your tax calculations for PayPal, letting you know when taxes change or when you reach a tax registration threshold in any country, creating useful reports, and sending tax compliant invoices.

Just follow these steps to connect to PayPal:

  1. In your Quaderno account, go to the integrations page and select Paypal.
  2. Quaderno will ask for your permission to connect to your Paypal account.
  3. Grant permission and that’s it!

    Voilà! From now on, some minutes after a payment or refund is completed on PayPal, the corresponding invoice or credit note will be automatically generated in Quaderno, with its own tax-breakdown.

Please note that the amounts that PayPal sends to Quaderno are final amounts, including taxes. That’s why you must consider your selling price as tax-inclusive, as we’ll calculate the tax as part of that price instead of adding on top of it.

When you need to add taxes on top of your prices during the checkout process, we recommend using Quaderno Checkout or any platform that calculates taxes in real time. To use PayPal with Quaderno Checkout, turn off encrypted website payments in PayPal.

You can connect several PayPal accounts as long as they belong to the same business. When they belong to separate businesses, each one would need its own Quaderno account. Read managing multiple Quaderno accounts to learn more.

When connecting a third platform via PayPal, we highly recommend checking that the initial import of sales fetches all the invoice and refund data correctly from your platform.

You might need to configure the collection of extra fields in your platform. Some platforms do not support sending every field to PayPal, like collecting VAT numbers for B2B sales. Please contact your third platform’s support on these cases.

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