Getting started

Welcome to Quaderno! Whether you need to calculate taxes for your sales in real time, send beautiful invoices to your clients, or generate tax reports with one click, this is your platform.
It just takes a few steps to get started with your Quaderno account. This section of the Help Center outlines the most important tasks to get your Quaderno account up and running as quickly as possible.

1. Setting up your business data

Before you start setting up your Quaderno account, you need to create a Quaderno account and add some essential business information.
You don't need to include every detail right away, but be sure to add the following items:
  1. Go to the business data page and enter your business name and your email address.
  1. Go to the addresses page and add your current billing address.
  1. Go to the preferences page and select your default tax class based on the products you sell the most:
      • Standard rate – for any goods or services not included in the categories above with standard tax rates.
      • Reduced rate – for any goods or services not included in the categories above with reduced tax rates.
      • Tax-exempt – for any tax-exempted goods or services.
      • Consulting – for consulting or other professional services in cases where sales in your own jurisdiction are taxable but sales to other jurisdictions are not taxable.
      ⇒ Select your default product type too, based on the products you sell most: Services or Goods.

2. Adding your tax jurisdictions

Your business might need to collect sales tax in certain tax jurisdictions.
If your business is registered in any tax jurisdiction, please go to the jurisdictions page and add your registration data, including your tax ID and the date when your registration comes into effect.
This is needed to correctly calculate taxes!

3. Connecting your web services

Quaderno can automatically collect data from your favourite payment processors, shopping carts and online selling platforms. Each time you make a sale on a connected platform or payment processor, Quaderno will automatically generate the related tax invoice and update your tax reports.
Go to the integrations page and connect the web services you already use in your online business.
When you first sign up for a trial Quaderno account and connect an integration, we automatically import your transactions from the past 30 days for free, with a limit of 1000 transactions, so you can see how everything works.
This automatic import works for Stripe, PayPal, Braintree, GoCardless, and Shopify. For other platforms, check Importing past transactions to use the CSV import feature.
You're ready to go! Now enjoy our easy billing and beautiful tax reports.
We recommend making sure the imported invoices fetched all the data correctly. If something's missing, our 🔌Platforms and integrations database may help configuring your platform to send Quaderno that data. Don't hesitate to write us for help!


What is Quaderno?
If you’re involved in business, you know that there are always things to be done. The to-do list piles up, creaking and swaying under the weight of all those metaphorical (or real) post-its. You may have even expected this – everyone knows running a business is hard work, and delighting and enticing your valued customers is worth the effort.
But what nobody told you was that this hard work even extends to the part after people hand you money!
With Quaderno, you can stop wasting your time with sales receipts, invoices, credit notes, taxes and all of that other annoying book-keeping work you end up doing when you should be celebrating your sale, and leave that to us.
You can simply hook up your payment gateway or e-commerce platform and let Quaderno handle all of that for you, automatically. Oh, and we’ll even help with your expense tracking, just because we’re nice like that.
With Quaderno, you can untangle your accounting and kick the paperwork. What are you waiting for?
Where does the word Quaderno come from?
quaderno – /kwa’derno/
  1. notebook, notepad (Italian)
  1. check register (Italian – obsolete)
  1. An awesome web-app to make your life ten times easier (International)

Beautiful word, right?
We’re a curious bunch here in Quaderno, and our founder – Carlos – has a strong interest in other languages and cultures.
One day, while researching a new business idea, he chanced upon the story of Luca Pacioli, a mathematician and Franciscan friar considered by many to be the father of accounting and book-keeping. Luca wrote about the discipline way back in 1494, talking about the “Quaderno” – the main ledger that encompasses all of a merchant’s accounting.
The word “quaderno” stuck in Carlos’ head, and he couldn’t shake the feeling that it would be a perfect fit for his latest idea – making tax and accounting easier for online businesses.
The name stuck, and here we are a few (hundred) years later, redefining and revolutionising the word for an audience far removed from the age of Mr. Pacioli.
It helps that it still had a few nice domain names available, too.
Can I use Quaderno from anywhere in the world?
Absolutely. We even let you write custom translations for any of the elements of our invoices, sales receipts and other documents, so you can get the tone and nuances just right.
If you use a system that we integrate with, you can use Quaderno.
Can I have more than one business on the same Quaderno account?
If a business is defined as a legal entity with its own business name, billing address, tax ID, etc., you can only have one business profile per account with its own billing data. This is actually a good thing though, as it helps to separate concerns and keep your data and accounting records clean and unpolluted.
If you use several payment processors (Stripe, PayPal etc.) for the same business (even though you have different products or services), you can attach all of them to the same Quaderno account.
Can I call someone at Quaderno?
This might sound odd, but actually, no. We can explain.
We believe that people should do what they do best. You’re best at delighting your customers and making their lives better through the medium(s) of your choice. It’s why we started Quaderno – to have the same impact for people like you as you have for your valued customers, and help you kick the paperwork that drags you out of your flow.
We’re not great at phone calls – details get forgotten, calls get missed or lost in voicemail hell and we know that some people just don’t enjoy talking on the phone. The same geeky tendencies that make us so good at helping with your taxes make us not-so-great on the phone!
Instead, we use cutting-edge support desk software, our kick-ass knowledgebase and good old-fashioned email communication to make sure that we can be attentive to each and every part of your query, getting back to you within a business day to ensure that you love Quaderno as much as we do.
Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at support@quaderno.io.
What are the system requirements for Quaderno?
Quaderno is a web application that runs on servers hosted remotely by specialists in security and data safety. It’s a cloud application – a fancy term that really just means you don’t have to install anything on your computer, and you don’t have to worry about backing up your Quaderno data. Instead, you can just use your web browser and securely sign in to Quaderno from any device with an internet connection and a web browser. Ultimate portability, ultimate safety.
This means that any device that’s capable of loading web pages can be used to log in to your Quaderno account (in a safe, secure manner, of course), including your smartphone, tablet, laptop or even Smart TV.
As long as your system of choice has a modern web browser, you meet the system requirements for Quaderno.
Is there a way to enter a data protection agreement (DPA) with Quaderno?
Sure! You can use this form to generate a data processing agreement. Fill in the fields on the form, and we'll email you a document to e-sign. For more information, please review our privacy policies here.

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