Understanding the tax lifecycle

Staying tax compliant worldwide is complex, but Quaderno will ease the burden on several steps of your workflows with digital taxes.

This article will help you understand your tax liability among the tax lifecycle phases and glue all the tax concepts from our glossary together.

1. Liability tracking

Depending on where you’re selling, your business or employees physical presence, and how much you’re selling each year, your business would have the tax liability to register your business on the tax jurisdiction to start tax collection and tax filing there. A tax jurisdiction is an area subject to its own tax regulations.

The good news is that our turnover report will notify you whenever your business surpass a tax registration threshold, which are any of these conditions that makes your business liable for tax collection on a concrete tax jurisdiction.

2. Registration

When your business surpass one of the tax thresholds or when it’s close to it, head to the tax authority to register your business and get your tax id (or talk to your tax accountant).

Once you’ve registered your business on the different tax authorities, configure your registered jurisdictions on Quaderno and we’ll take care of everything.

3. Collection

Now that you registered your business, you can start the tax collection. You must apply the correct tax rate based on your product type and your customer’s location. You have different ways to calculate your tax rates with Quaderno.

Your business is also required to safely keep evidence of the location of your customers to justify the tax applied.

Quaderno will calculate the correct tax per sale for you and save the location evidence. We’ll warn you on the evidence report for those rare cases when there is any location evidence conflict and manual intervention is needed.

4. Billing

There are tax requirements too on how billing shall be managed.

Sequential numbering is compulsory for all invoices, receipts, credit notes, and expenses.

To be tax compliant, a tax breakdown must be included on each invoice, along with the business and customer data.

Quaderno offers many useful billing features:

5. Reporting and filing

Finally, you have to file your taxes on each tax jurisdiction your business is registered in. Check our tax registration and filing guides on our blog to learn more.

Quaderno does not provide filing capabilities. However, we offer a whole range of reports that help simplifying it.

Just download your tax reports and send them to your tax accountant so that they can file the taxes on the correspondent tax authorities.

Quaderno also offers other reports to gain useful business insights.

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