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Quaderno Checkout

Quaderno Checkout

Quaderno Checkout is a form that you can use to sell digital products and subscriptions on any webpage or social network.
Sound good? Whether you use WordPress, your own website, or another platform to sell your products, you can rest assured Quaderno Checkout will work for you.
With Quaderno Checkout you can have your own beautiful tax compliant checkout form.
With Quaderno Checkout you can have your own beautiful tax compliant checkout form.

How does it work?

Within your Quaderno account, you can create various Checkout Links that you can use in any text, button, or image on your website, via email, or social media.
When customers click your links, Quaderno will show them a checkout form page with the product information and a form to enter their billing data.
  1. Your customer enters their billing information.
  1. Quaderno Checkout calculates taxes on-the-fly (if needed), depending on your customer’s location. Your prices can be tax-inclusive or tax-exclusive.
  1. The payment is processed with your payment processor.
  1. Quaderno sends an automatic receipt to your customer.
Watch: How to automate online payments and taxes with Quaderno Checkout

Why should I use it?

  • Calculate taxes automatically for B2C and B2B sales.
  • Automatic receipts for your customers.
  • Work with the most popular payment processors.
  • Fully support Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) to comply with EU PSD2.
  • EU GDPR compliant.
  • Easy to integrate with your current website, or wherever you sell your products online.
  • Designed to convert with a mobile ready interface and minimal fields for your customer to fill.

Grasp the basics

Creating Quaderno Checkout LinksCreating coupons for Quaderno CheckoutAdding a terms & privacy policy checkbox to Quaderno Checkout

Tips & tricks

Adding custom code to your Quaderno CheckoutProcessing installment payment plans with Quaderno CheckoutPre-populating Quaderno Checkout fieldsCollecting tax IDs with Quaderno CheckoutUsing an affiliate program with Quaderno Checkout


What if my online selling platform already provides their own checkout experience?
Go ahead and use it! Quaderno Checkout is a simple checkout for one-off products and subscriptions, but it's not a full cart solution. Here are some Quaderno natively integrated platforms which provide a great checkout experience with our tax calculations. You may want to use them instead migrating their checkout to Quaderno Checkout:
Can I add a disclaimer or other legal note to my Quaderno Checkout?
While we don't offer a specific disclaimer field, you can always add any important information in the product description. You can also add a T&C/privacy policy checkbox to your checkout following the steps outlined here.
Can I sell multiple products with Quaderno Checkout?
No, unfortunately Quaderno Checkout is not a shopping cart solution. Each Quaderno Checkout link can only be used for sales of one product.
Do my coupons apply on the first subscription payment only or all subscription payments?
By default, any coupon would be applied for the duration of the subscription, not only on the first payment.
Can I collect customer VAT numbers or other tax IDs with Quaderno Checkout?
Yes, Quaderno will automatically display a field for your customer's tax ID (where applicable). If your customer provides a tax ID, it will appear on the invoice.
Can I block/exclude sales from some countries?
Unfortunately, this cannot be managed directly within Quaderno. You could set this up directly on your own website (IP blocker or similar) if you wanted to block visitors from certain countries.
Is there a way to create coupons so that they can only be used once per customer?
Unfortunately, we haven't added this feature yet. The field "Maximum number of redemptions" is the maximum number of purchases that can be made with that coupon (all customers). So if you set this to 100, that coupon can be used in the checkout 100 times.
It is possible to embed Quaderno Checkout on a website page?
You can add Quaderno Checkout links to any text, button, or image on your website, via email, or social media. When your customers click a Quaderno Checkout link, they'll be redirected to a Quaderno-hosted page to complete the checkout form.
Unfortunately the checkout form cannot be embedded within your own page, but an alternative would be using your own checkout form with our javascript library to calculate taxes in real-time.
Can my customers pay in any currency?
Each checkout link is associated with one currency/product combination. If you'd like to allow your customers to pay in different currencies, you could create separate products and checkout links for each currenc
Can I use Quaderno Checkout for subscriptions with trial periods?
Yes, you can use Quaderno Checkout for subscriptions with trial periods. When creating the subscription in Stripe, simply add a trial period to the price plan. When your customer proceeds with the checkout, Quaderno will honor any trial period set up in Stripe.
If you'd like the trial period to display on the checkout, you can add this information in the product description.
Is Quaderno Checkout PCI compliant?
Quaderno provides the checkout form, but Quaderno does not process payments. As Stripe/PayPal manage the payments, PCI compliance is managed by the payment processor.
What languages is Quaderno Checkout automatically translated into?
Quaderno Checkout is available in Catalan, German, English, Spanish, Finnish, French, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Dutch, Swedish, and Romanian.
It's possible to remove the notion "powered by quaderno" on the Checkout page?
Unfortunately, the "Powered by Quaderno" cannot be removed. The alternative will be to create your own shopping cart using our API to calculate taxes.


Checkout is not redirecting buyers to the success URL after a purchase.
If you're using PayPal with your checkout form, please make sure that the Success URL accepts GET and POST requests. This is a PayPal requirement.
Please also make sure you've activated the auto-return feature in your PayPal dashboard.
I want to add a coupon that applies for the first subscription payment only.
By default, coupons created in Quaderno would apply on each subscription payment. If you want to create a coupon that only applies on the first payment of a subscription, follow these steps:
  1. Create the coupon with the desired name in Quaderno.
  1. In your Stripe dashboard, go to the Coupons section and delete the coupon that Quaderno just created.
  1. In your Stripe dashboard, create a new coupon with the same coupon ID and name as in the original coupon. For the duration, select "once" or the specific duration you'd like to use.
That's it. When this coupon is applied, Quaderno would honor the new configuration when creating the subscription in Stripe.
My customers see an error when they try to pay with PayPal in my checkout link.
My customers are not being redirected to the success URL after they pay with Paypal
You would need to activate the automatic redirection in your PayPal dashboard. If not, PayPal won't redirect the customer to the success URL automatically.