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Quaderno takes care of all your tax calculations for your Stripe payments, letting you know when taxes change, creating reports, and sending tax compliant invoices.
We'll even send you an automatic notification when you reach a sales tax registration threshold so you know when to register in another country or US state.

First steps

Connecting your Stripe accountHow Quaderno works with StripeWhat you need to consider when setting up your checkout using Stripe

Customizing your integration

Sending customer details from StripeAdding Stripe fees as expensesUpdating tax rates on Stripe subscriptionsConnecting multiple Stripe accountsTesting your Stripe integrationAllowing your customers to update their payment method on Stripe


I see there are different ways I can connect with Stripe. Which option should I choose?
In this article we explain different options for connecting for Stripe. The best option for you depends on your business's needs, the tools you use, and the technical resources you have available.
Can you import my past transactions from Stripe?
When you first create a trial account, we automatically import transactions for the past 30 days so you can see how everything works.
We can import your transactions for the current calendar year at an additional cost.
The cost for the import depends on the number of transactions to be imported:
  • Up to 250 transactions: €49
  • Up to 1,000 transactions: €99
  • Up to 2,500 transactions: €149
  • Up to 5000 transactions: €249
  • Up to 10000 transactions: €500
  • Up to 25000 transactions: €750
  • Up to 50000 transactions: €1000
Please contact us if you'd like to import past transactions. By default, we will import the whole year and charge it to your account.
Please note that all invoices in your account will be renumbered after the import process to ensure they are in order.
When does Quaderno generate invoices for Stripe payments?
Whenever you process a successful charge, Quaderno will generate the invoice almost immediately.
Can I connect several Stripe accounts to the same Quaderno account?
If they belong to the same company, yes, you can connect multiple Stripe accounts to Quaderno following these steps. If they belong to separate companies, each company would need its own Quaderno account.
Can Quaderno add taxes on top of my prices in Stripe?
We'd recommend using Quaderno Checkout or our Tax API if you'd like to add taxes on top of your prices based on your customer's location. If you want to use Stripe Checkout with Quaderno, all your prices must be tax inclusive in Stripe. Quaderno would not add taxes in the Stripe Checkout.
Does Quaderno Checkout support installment plans in Stripe?
If I need to make a refund, should I do it in Stripe or Quaderno?
You would just need to issue the refund in Stripe. When you make a refund in Stripe, the corresponding credit note is automatically generated in Quaderno.
Can I still use Stripe Checkout if I use Quaderno?
Yes, you can use Stripe Checkout if you are using our simple integration. Please note, your prices would need to be tax-inclusive for this setup.
I have an installment plan, will Quaderno generate one invoice for the total plan amount or one invoice for each payment?
Every time you receive a payment in your Stripe account, Quaderno would generate an invoice. If there are 3 installments in the plan, Quaderno would generate an invoice for each payment (3 separate invoices).
Once I start using Quaderno, will tax be added on my existing subscriptions?
Quaderno will calculate tax for the next subscription payment. Here's an example:
1. If your prices are tax-inclusive, this wouldn't require any development work from your side. The next time the subscription renews, Quaderno would consider the amount as tax-inclusive and display the tax breakdown on the invoice.
2. If your prices are tax-exclusive, Quaderno can add tax on to your existing subscriptions the next time they renew. You would just need to ensure your subscriptions are set as "tax-exclusive" in Stripe. Then in Quaderno, you can activate the option Update Stripe subscriptions automatically if a tax rate changes on the preferences page.
The next time the subscription renews in Stripe, the customer will be charged the subscription amount plus any tax. This will affect the total amount your customer is charged. Please keep in mind, Quaderno would use the postal code and country to determine which tax rate to apply. You would just need to ensure you have this information on each Stripe customer.
If I apply an explicit tax rate on a charge or subscription in Stripe, will this be displayed on the Quaderno invoice?
Yes, if a Stripe charge or subscription has an explicit tax rate set in Stripe, this tax rate will have priority over Quaderno’s calculations. Quaderno will not perform any additional tax calculation and the explicit tax rate from Stripe will be displayed on the invoice.


When I try to connect my account I get an error message saying “Sorry but we couldn’t connect your account".
Please make sure your Stripe account is active, verified, and on live mode.
If you created a trial Quaderno account in the past and connected your Stripe account, this could also cause the error as a Stripe account can only be connected to one Quaderno account at a time. If you think this could be the case, check if you see Quaderno in your authorized applications in Stripe. You can find it in your Stripe dashboard under Settings > Authorized applications. You can revoke access and then try reconnecting.
I don't see the customer's name on the invoice.
Quaderno pulls your customer's name from designated fields that Stripe sends us. If you don't see the customer's name on the invoice, this means that Stripe isn't sending Quaderno the customer's name in a supported field. Just review the supported fields here to ensure you are sending the information correctly: Sending customer details from Stripe
I don't see tax applied on the invoice.
This could happen for a few different reasons:
  1. If you are not registered for tax collection in the jurisdiction where your customer is located, Quaderno would not apply tax on your sales there. Quaderno would track your sales to that jurisdiction and notify you if you reach a tax registration threshold.
  1. If you do not see the customer's country and postal code (zip code) on the invoice, Quaderno wouldn't have been able to calculate tax correctly. In this case, please review your checkout and Stripe integration to ensure you are collecting and sending this information to Quaderno.
Instead of the product name, my invoices are showing some other information, how can I fix this?
Quaderno applies the exact product description that Stripe sends us. We'd recommend checking your sales platform to see how the product name is being sent to Stripe.
If the item description isn’t appearing correctly on the invoices, you can modify the product description in Quaderno to fix this. Just follow these steps.
My Stripe invoice numbers do not match my Quaderno invoice numbers.
Quaderno generates invoices independently from Stripe, so the invoice numbers will be different from the invoice numbers you see in your Stripe account. In your Quaderno account, you can generate invoices for your online sales across the web.
I'm receiving alerts about conflicting location evidence.
For digital product sales, Quaderno uses location evidence to determine the customer's location. Quaderno uses the billing country, IP address, and bank country as location evidence for sales. The bank country is automatically determined by Stripe, but if you are missing the billing country or IP country in your location evidence report, please review your Stripe integration to ensure you are sending this information to Quaderno.
Quaderno has generated an invoice for a Stripe payment that’s not related to Quaderno Checkout, how can I fix this?
With our Stripe integration, Quaderno generates an invoice for every payment you receive into the connected Stripe accounts. This is regardless of whether the payment was via Quaderno Checkout or not.
We'd recommend recording all invoices in Quaderno to accurately keep track of taxes and thresholds. However, if you do want to filter this so that only invoices for Quaderno Checkout payments are created in Quaderno, then you could use a separate Stripe account for this.
It's a quick process to get started with multiple accounts in Stripe (same Stripe dashboard, same business etc). You could create a new Stripe account to use with your new service (and not connect this new Stripe account to Quaderno).
I’ve created an invoice in my Stripe dashboard and marked it as paid but it’s not showing up in my Quaderno account. Why is that?
Quaderno only generates an invoice when you process a charge in Stripe. Changing the state of an invoice inside Stripe doesn’t automatically generate an invoice inside Quaderno.
We would recommend creating these invoices directly in Quaderno. That way you would have all your invoicing centralized in the same place.